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Foundation Programs

We help international students gain admission to foundation programs by providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Our student counselors work closely with students to understand their academic goals and provide personalized recommendations for the best-fit foundation programs. We assist with the application process, offer support with visa requirements, and help secure affordable accommodations. Trust Beacon by LyfeFund to provide a seamless foundation program admission experience.

Bachelor Degrees

A bachelor degree is an undergraduate academic degree that takes 3-6 years to complete, specializing in a specific major that helps develop skills for future careers and is often a requirement for many jobs. Essential for pursuing higher postgraduate degrees, a bachelor degree helps develop analytical, research and presentation skills.

Postgraduate Degrees

Pre-Master’s courses are for international students who don’t meet entry requirements for a Master’s degree. Fresh graduates with less than 2 years work experience can study academic research skills and English language. A Master’s degree is awarded for further studies in a specific subject, involving theoretical and applied modules, solving real-life business issues, and research. A PhD is the highest academic degree, often leading to an academic teaching career, completed through research-based thesis or dissertation in various fields, taking 3-5 years.

Accommodation Placement & Visa Assistance

Beacon by LyfeFund provides comprehensive visa assistance for study abroad, including advising on visa procedures, preparing for interviews, and booking appointments, to help students successfully secure the visa needed for their course of study.

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